#SYNERGIESKoM | 11th to 13th December 2023 in Rome

With joy we participated in the SYNERGIES kick-off meeting in Rome, which was hosted by our coordinator DEEPBLUE!

SYNERGIES is a 3-year Horizon-Europe Project in the field of disaster resilient societies (DRS), started this December. It aims to connect various stakeholders in disaster management, including responders, communities, and businesses, to ensure disaster preparedness and resilience. By generating synergies, the project introduces new innovations to enhance the results of various Disaster Risk Management projects.

SYNERGIES combines the results and insights 

from previous H2020-projects and incorporates good practices, fills existing knowledge gaps, and reflects progress via three preparedness cases in Malta, Réunion Island, and Rotterdam. 

The safety innovation center leads Work Package 3 which is about “Innovative Channels and Communication” where  among other things the latest social media developments, crowdsourcing solutions, and new possibilities in crisis communication are investigated. Leveraging the results from the H2020-project LINKS, the safety innovation brings valuable expertise and experience in the realm of crisis communication. 

Excited to continue working with familiar project partners and to establish new relationships as this collective journey begins!

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