INSPIRE at the Shanghai Delegation in Cologne

On 26 November INSPIRE was presented at a seminar at the Shanghai Delegation in Cologne. At the event, the Carl Duisberg Centren in Cologne as a non-profit organization for international continuing education and personnel development on behalf of the Chinese government once again conducted a continuing education course lasting several weeks for a study group. Representatives of the Office for Crisis Management of the City of Shanghai took part in the training in order to gain an insight into the implementation of crisis management and safety at work in Germany. The reason for this is the fact that there have been major accidents in China in the past, for which the rescue forces and other participants were not sufficiently prepared.
Through the INSPIRE research project, the participants of the training were given concrete insights into possible security measures in civil emergency response, so that China can be better prepared for dangerous situations in the future.

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Image source: safety innovation center gGmbH