Facilities of the Digital Home Paderborn officially opened

On August 19, the new facilities of Digital Home Paderborn at Königsplatz 12 were officially opened. The safety innovation center e.V. was also present at the opening. The Digital Home PB offers its partners the opportunity to exhibit their projects centrally in Paderborn. The exhibition space can also be used for workshops and other formats. In addition, among others, the Paderborn Digitization Department of the City of Paderborn is located in the facilities and works on the digital transformation of the city. Under the brand “Digital Home PB”, the city of Paderborn is pursuing the goal of the Smart City with the help of its partners – through technical, economic and social innovation, the city of Paderborn is to be “made more efficient, technologically advanced, but also greener and more socially inclusive. During the opening, a first exhibit – the LEGO model of the FIWARE Foundation – could already be viewed. This allows very vividly to talk about a variety of digitization projects. Of course, we are especially pleased that the civil security is also represented in the model and thus there is a connection to our project “Integrated Security Pilot Region” (INSPIRE). We thank you for the invitation and look forward to many exciting meetings in the new facilities! #INSPIRE project

Source and further informationen: https://www.paderborn.de/guiapplications/newsdesk/publications/Stadt_Paderborn/109010100000177223.php?fbclid=IwAR03kMqOMYahs4HHkRwusYjLaajrurW7znpyVMll2EatEowTkg0DrXTUKKo

Photo: Stadt Paderborn