Strengthening links between technologies and society for European disaster resilience (LINKS)

The aim of LINKS is to understand and assess the impact of social media and crowd-sourcing (SMCS) on European resilience to disasters. In the course of the project, a framework will be developed that can be used to understand, assess and manage SMCS in disaster situations. The LINKS framework consists of scientific methods, practical tools and guidelines aimed at researchers, practitioners and policy makers. It will be developed and evaluated using five realistic scenarios (earthquake, flood, industry, terror, drought). LINKS brings together a community of stakeholders, the LINKS community, consisting of first responders, authorities, organisations, businesses, citizens and researchers from all over Europe. In sum LINKS aims to provide sustainable and enhanced learning about SMCS in disaster situations, to strengthen the links between technologies and society for an improved European resilience in disasters.

Source and further information:

LINKS research project: funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (EC-HORIZON2020-PR883490-LINKS) under Grant Agreement No. 883490 for a period of 3.5 years with 5.2 million euros.