Intelligent Rescue in the SmartHome (IRiS)

The aim of the research project “Intelligent Rescue in the Smart Home” (IRiS) is to make SmartHome data and functions usable for civil safety purposes. Partners from civil safety and the SmartHome industry investigate issues relating to technology, deployment tactics, acceptance and data protection. New application possibilities are examined from fire detection, alarms and approach to deployment management. These include, for example, the automatic generation of a building floor plan with status information from the SmartHome for the emergency services or the control of fire smoke through the automatic control of windows and doors. The results are evaluated in real exercises.

Source and further information:

Research project IRiS: Funding of around 0,8 million euros over a period of three years as part of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s (BMBF) announcement “KMU innovative: Research for Civil Security” under the “Research for Civil Security 2012-2017” programme. Further information: